How to Respond to Dreams

March 10, 2014 in slideshow

temple of aesclepius


Don’t think about the dream; just write, and do not censor as dreams are amoral.  Note your feelings, body sensations and images that arise as you write.  When finished, begin associating to the dream figures starting with the most numinous or charged symbol or scene.  Don’t move from the bed and be sure to place journal and pen by the bed.  Some people place a flashlight as well. Associate without thinking.  Later on you can learn to dialogue or actively imagine the dream onward.  I have had tea with a dream figure and danced the feeling tone of a scene.  Others may paint their dream symbol or be inspired to write a poem, take a walk, or as Jung instructed a patient, to hug a tree.  THE ANSWERS, INSPIRATION, AND HEALING LAY WITH THE DREAMER; NOT THE DREAM DICTIONARY OR THE WITNESS TO YOUR DREAM.  When we respond as such, we bring the gold that lay within forward into matter or the body and we become conscious of new life and possibilities.  Don’t worry, if you do something creative with a destructive symbol you will then be more conscious of that energy that impedes or hurts your chance to live a more full life.