How to Remember Dreams

March 12, 2014 in slideshow



The most common question I receive in lectures and workshops is, “How do you remember your dreams?”  So first let me just say that you are not alone and you too will learn to remember.  Ask yourself, “Am I afraid of some aspect of the dream world?”  If you are then we can work through those fears.  Second, it is the beginning of a love affair with the beloved and asking the unconscious to “cough up a dream” for your retreat, psych class, or dream analysts will deliver you little and most likely, silence.  Make your journal, buy a special pen, sit flowers by the bedside, pray, fast, dance, and express your sincere desire to know spirit in this way.  This relationship is hard work and will place considerable demands on us.  We will be held responsible for what we know.

Introverted, intuitive, artistic types are more receptive to and more often remember their dreams than others who are more rational, intellectual or with a thicker wall around the ego.  If extroverted then their interest lies with outer world activities innately and they have to work harder at remembering the dream.  It is important to respond to the dream content with our whole being.  Doing nothing in response simply allows the content to fall back into the unconscious leaving our psyche unaffected and often ill as a result.